1. Weskus Bikers is an Association with its moto “For the love of biking”
  2. Weskus Bikers’ purpose is to promote all forms of biking and associated activities.
  3. Weskus Bikers is NOT a Motorcycle Club.
  4. Weskus Bikers does not belong to, nor form part of, or affiliated with any current motorcycle group, IE. Club, organization, council, etc.
  5. Weskus Bikers supports all current constructive motorcycle guidelines, protocols, etc.


  1. Weskus Bikers will organize and promote motorcycle related activities. This includes road and off-road events.
  2. No BACK Patch shall be manufactured, produced or worn in any manner. Only a small 50mm round cloth emblem on the front of motorcycle apparel.
  3. Weskus Bikers will secure discounted insurance, medical, parts, tires, etc. and advertise such discounts.
  4. Weskus Bikers will have various social pages and websites on which they will advertise.


  1. Any person can join. NO RESTRICTIONS. Current club members welcome.
  2. No Membership Applications, No Joining or Member Fees.
  3. NO Compulsory Meetings or Events.
  4. The Weskus Bikers’ emblem shall be sold by appointed Weskus Bikers’ members only, for R200 each

Gebore uit n liefde vir Bike ry en die unieke plekke om te verken, wat die Weskus ons bied.


Die gewilde en berugte Sunset Cruuuuzes wat so n paar jaar terug gehou was, begin binnekort weer. Dont be a girl….join ons!!!